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They’ve been building some of the world’s best bikes for over 40 years. And they’re still looking to improve. That drive for new ideas starts with a passion for riding. With testing grounds like the Tour de France, they’ve come up with some pretty amazing stuff.


Norco has been pushing the limits of bike design for over 50 years now. They’ve built bikes for the many varied terrains we’re blessed to live in.


The X-country capable “Lava Dome” to the hardcore, book it down A-line as fast as you can “Operator” you’ll find a bike that will suit your needs for whatever type of riding you do. After almost 30 years of building bikes, Kona builds bikes that matter.


These aren’t your grandfathers Raleigh’s! These have all the latest tech and geometry to make your riding fun. Whether it’s commuting, casual, road, or mountain biking, these bikes will bring out the fun factor. Raleigh also have multiple electric models.

Electric-Assist Bikes

Trek, Raleigh, Norco Electric-assist bikes powered by Shimano Steps and Bosch mid-drive system. LiOn batteries, quick charging and great range you can discover cycling is easier than ever. Backed by the largest component manufacturer in the world. Commuting, exploring or just riding casually, there’s an Electric Assist bike out there for you. NEW THIS...


From the Nostalgic Classic series, to the exaggerated lines of the Streamride to the Contemporary design of the Essential’s. Electra cruisers have it all, there’s a cool ride for everyone.


DAHON has shaped the way folding bikes are made and the way we get from one place to another. Focused firmly on a green future, DAHON remains unyielding in redefining green mobility.


There are very few companies in the world who solely dedicate themselves to the outdoor transportation of children. Chariot Carriers Inc., now a Thule company,  is one of them, and has been specializing in this field for more than seventeen years.